S-Core® Enables Surgeons to Secure and Stabilize
in Insufficient Subchondral Bone

S-Core® will structurally address subchondral bone insufficiency caused by trabecular fractures, micro-cracks and osteochondritis.
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S-Core® Implant

S-Core® Features

Superior Design for Secure Bone Fixation and Soft Tissue Augmentation

  • Proven strength at "time zero"
  • Superior fixation and bone integration
  • Versatile implant to address any size lesion
  • Available in sizes 4.0mm – 10.0mm

S-Core® Soft Tissue Augmentation

Fenestrations for easy fixation to the bone below the hyaline cartilage surface to avoid contact with the sensitive articular surface.

S-Fibre® Suture is Dual-Armed making it easy for secure fixation to the bone

Standard T-10 Driver is used to thread S-Core® Implant into the bone beneath the hyaline cartilage to avoid contact with the sensitive articular surface.

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