S-Core® — Versatile Platform Technology

S-Core® is a versatile platform for osteochondral reconstruction. The device comes in a wide range of sizes to address most lesions. Whether it is for foot and ankle, hand, wrist and elbow, or for the knee and shoulder, S-Core® could be a great option for you.

Indicated for the fixation of trabecular fractures, osteotomies bone edema, and as a fixation point for soft tissue and graft augmentation.

S-Core® is a versatile platform for osteochondral reconstruction
Common Applications Implant Size(s)
MPJ, MTP 4mm-10mm
Freibergs 4mm-10mm
3-5 Metatarsals 4mm-10mm
Condyle 4mm-10mm
Trochlea 4mm-10mm
Patellar 4mm-10mm
Radial Capitellum 4mm-10mm
PRC 4mm-10mm
CMC 4mm-10mm
Distal Radius 4mm-10mm
Hill-Sachs 4mm-10mm
Distal Clavicle 4mm-10mm

S-Core® Soft Tissue Augmentation

Fenestrated Attachment Points

Dermal Graft

Secure Fixation of Graft

Ready for Insertion

S-Core® Instrumentation

Convenient Disposable Kit

  • For All Procedures
  • Disposable T-10 Driver
  • Guide Wires
  • Dermal Punch
  • S-Core® Implant
  • S-Core® Cannulate Countersink
  • S-Core® Cannulated Coring Reamer
  • Arthroscopic Knot Pusher
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