Subchondral Solutions Approved as CommonSpirit Health Vendor

Subchondral’s S-Core Platform System Approved for physician use in all facilities

Subchondral Solutions, Inc., an orthopedic medical device company based in Huntington Beach, Calif., has achieved approved vendor status for its S-Core® platform technology™ from CommonSpirit Health, one of the largest Catholic-based healthcare systems in the United States. The company’s S-Core® product is an innovative delivery platform for subchondral bone damage in most joints to help restore biomechanical function. S-Core® Implants are coated with hydroxyapatite to maximize bone and biologic healing.

“The vendor contract with CommonSpirit is an additional example of the growing acceptance of S-Core® as an orthopedic implant device that helps delay the onset of end-stage osteoarthritis,” says Tom Kinder, CEO of Subchondral Solutions.

“The technology enables patients to stay active and pain-free.”

Cleared by the FDA in 2020, the S-Core® delivery platform is indicated for the fixation of small bone fragments, such as osteochondral fragments and cancellous fragments, appropriate for the size of the damaged area which may include the following: simple metaphyseal fractures; condylar fractures; osteochondritis dissecans; areas where accurate implant placement is vital; patellar fractures, navicular fractures, cancellous bone fragments; osteochondral fragments, intra-articular fractures and osteochondral fixation and fractures, and minimally invasive reconstruction of fractures and joints. S-Core® can be used in any osteochondral fracture appropriate for the size of the device, including for the knee, elbow, hand, foot, ankle, and shoulder.

Subchondral’s S-Core® delivery platform technology was approved for use at all CommonSpirit locations after an initial approval at CommonSpirit’s Pleasant Valley Hospital in Cabrillo, Calif. Under the agreement, physicians have the authorization to utilize Subchondral Solutions surgical products.




About Subchondral Solutions, Inc.

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