S-Core® is Innovative and Unique

S-Core® is Innovative and Unique

May 24, 2023

Subchondral Solutions' S-Core® is a unique and one of a kind joint preserving implant used to treat osteochondral disease. The implant can be delivered both arthroscopically and in open surgical approaches. The implant is designed to repair the subchondral bone as it is key to a long term repair for osteochondral disease. The significance of the role that the bone plays cannot be ignored. The bone dissipates the stress that the joint experiences under load. This stress caused by trauma or overuse can developed trabecular fractures, bone edema and generalized osteochondrosis. The cartilage depends on healthy bone to continue to produce the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy. The failures in treating and repairing osteochondral disease can often be traced to damaged bone.

The S-Core® implant design is made from titanium and is coated in hydroxyapatite. Hydroxyapatite accelerates bone remodeling and cartilage development. The implant is threaded for security, fenestrated to allow for blood marrow communication to help aid the bone to recover faster. The titanium housing provides for structural support of the bone as it begins the remodeling process. The implant is also used as a platform for the secure fixation of soft tissue allografts. The combination of the implant with a soft tissue allograft provides for functional repair of the joint to allow for immediate weight bearing as tolerated by the patient.

The S-Core® instrumentation that is used to prepare the bone is innovative and unique. The coring reamer is designed to perform a circular osteotomy. This osteotomy provides for immediate pain relief as it decompresses the bone. In addition, it is bone sparing as it only removes enough bone to accommodate the thickness of walls of the implant, sparing the central plug of bone. Unlike other instruments used in O.A.T.S that take out an entire plug of bone like a osteochondral allograft.

The S-Core® system, implant plus instrumentation, are packaged a sterile and in a single box for ease of use. The implants range in sizes 4mm–10mm to accommodate lesions of varying sizes. The implants can accommodate up to a 16mm lesion when using a soft tissue allograft. Multiple implants can be used at the same time to provide versatility for the surgeon.

The S-Core® system has been on the market for almost 3 years and is currently being used to repair osteochondral disease in the foot and ankle, knee, shoulder, hand, wrist and elbow in the following procedures:

MPJ and AVN of the lesser metatarsals.
Talar dome lesions
Condyle, trochlea and patella
Hill-Sachs lesions
CMC arthritis
Proximal row carpectomy
Distal radius
Radial capitellum

Our goal is to delay the progression of end-stage arthritis that lead to a total joint arthroplasty.

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